Sylvia Scurr

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Sylvia Scurr
Sylvia Scurr 3 copy.jpg
First Lady of the United States
Official Information
Assumed office 21st June, 2057
Biographical Information
Birthplace Providence, Rhode Island
Date of birth 25th June, 2034
Religion Chrstianity (Quaker)

Sylvia Scurr is the current First Lady of the United States. She is the daughter and only child of the current president, David Scurr. Her mother, Mary Armstrong Scurr, passed away in childbirth following a car accident. She was born and raised in her father's home state, Rhode Island, and also had aims of working in the civil service. Sylvia was working as intern in the District Attorney's office when she was suddenly propelled into the national spotlight following the death of the President, James McCain Jr., and the the subsequent promotion of her father, then Vice President, to the presidency.

Since then, she has been instrumental in helping her father, now President of the United States, with matters such as hosting the Group of 10 in its continuing efforts to deliver aid the Middle East to relieve the Famine in the Levant, which had been continuing for nearly a decade. Her personal behavior has come under massive scrutiny by the mass media, in part due to the vague public distrust of her father.

John Patmos, leader of the Church of a Thousand Gross, denounced her as the Whore of Babylon (and her father the Beast of Revelation, sent to misguide the faithful of Earth), and proceeded to kidnap her, holding her in his fortress in Patmos, Arizona, named New Zion. This action prompted a response by the National Guard and the execution of Operation Peach, the mission to rescue her and find inroads into New Zion.

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