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Welcome to Pillars of Fire

The Beast. The Whore of Babylon. The final moments of Revelation. Are they at hand?

About Pillars of Fire

It is closing to 2060, the year Isaac Newton predicted for Armageddon, and a massive famine in the Levant destabilises the area, leading to the near-destruction of Israel by biochemical means, leaving no more 150,000 Israelis survive in the world. Fallout poisons the Mediterranean Sea, causing further destruction. A member of the Swiss Guard massacres the papal conclave and burns the Sistine Chapel, declaring himself the prophesised final pope before committing suicide in front of the panicked masses.

A fundamentalist preacher, John D'Israeli, promulgates the Church of a Thousand Gross, declaring the end times to be nigh based on these signs, and apocalyptic fervor seizes the United States. Initially brushed off as another pack of fundamentalist zealots, John’s “Army of God” grows at an unprecedented rate, culminating in the erecting of a massive fortress in Patmos, Arkansas.

It's up to Joan Carpenter, an agent of the Department of Homeland Security, to stop the Church from carrying out their threats on the First Lady Sylvia Scurr, daughter of President David Levi Scurr, whom they denounce as the Beast of the Revelation. However, she soon learns that their leader, now calling himself “John Patmos”, has far more sinister plans for the nation, untangling a fiendish web of plots, reversals, and deceptions leading to one goal: the atomic destruction of Washington, D.C., on the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day…

Pillars of God is the (future) NaNoWriMo project of Alistair Chilton, an aspiring author with interest of Christian eschatology. This wiki provides supplemental material on the story.

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