John Patmos

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John Patmos
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Official Information
  • Head of the Church of a Thousand Gross
  • Commander of the Army of God
Biographical Information
Birthplace Anchor, Louisiana
Date of birth December 27th, 1996
  • Chrstianity (Fundamentalist)
  • Christianity (Baptist) (former)

John Patmos, born John Hill on 27th December, 1996, later briefly calling himself John D'Israeli, is an American pastor heading the Church of a Thousand Gross, an independent fundamentalist church based in Patmos, Arkansas. He also has been established as the commander-in-chief of the Army of God, a religious militia which has been prosecuted as a domestic terrorist organisation by the government of the United States.

Following a childhood and career in religious faith, John Patmos rose through the ranks of the Burning Bush Baptist Church to become its chief pastor in 2049. Since then, he has responded to the increasing number of natural and artificial disasters, preaching frequently about the end times and from the Book of Revelation, announcing the final conflict was due.

The catalyst for his radicalisation is generally acknowledged Famine War in 2057, where Marduk Iskandar, the dictator of Iraq, attempted to kill the entire population of Israel with chemical weapons. When it was announced that of Israel's population, only 150,000 were alive by 2058, John Patmos changed his name to John D'Israeli and announced the formation of the Church of a Thousand Gross, drawing links to Revelation.

He soon mobilised his following, whose numbers were rapidly boosted by a populace gripped in eschatological fear into the Army of God, picketing and vandalising places of worship of other religions. However, his movement did not truly gain national attention until an assassin with links to the church attempted to assassinate David Scurr, the President of the United States, whom John previously had denounced as the Beast of Revelation.

When the Secretary of Defence Samantha Waller responded by mobilising the National Guard to arrest the Army of God, denouncing it as a "domestic terrorist organisation", John, now calling himself John Patmos, responded by announcing that the First Lady, Sylvia Scurr and that he would perform the tortures of the Whore of Babylon on her unless the government forces retreated.

On this revelation, the National Guard proceeded to construct a demilitarised zone around New Zion, the headquarters of the Army of God. The Federal Emergency Management Agency boosted the Nationa Guard forces with agents whose mission was to find inroads into the fortress and rescue the First Lady, under Operation Peach.

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